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[ 2.09 ] She was the first female mayor of San Francisco and the first female mayor of the Bay Area, but Dianne Feinstein was not the first woman to serve as mayor. Of the three previous female mayors, the first was Maggie Hickey, the first woman elected mayor of San Francisco in 1887. What is the political background to all of this? I’ll be honest. I didn’t know that either. I was just thrilled to see San Francisco elect its first female mayor. I was aware that California had elected its first female governor in 1974, so it made sense to me that there would be a first female mayor of San Francisco. I knew Maggie Hickey. I interviewed her for my research on her campaign for mayor in 2006, and she described the campaign as an old-fashioned affair, filled with mudslinging, tea parties and saloons. “I’m afraid that the candidate with a conscience would have been too delicate, because we could have been hit with a whole box of nails,” Hickey said. Dianne Feinstein has been in the state Senate since 1987 and is up for reelection this November. Who are the candidates? There are a total of two candidates in the race. One is state Senate leader Kevin de León. He’s a former state assemblyman and Senate president pro tem. He has a history of challenging powerful political figures. Feinstein is the other candidate. Feinstein ran for mayor in 2005 and was challenged by progressive San Francisco Supervisor Bevan Dufty. He recently lost the Board of Supervisors election to district attorney Kamala Harris. What are the main issues in the mayoral race? For many, the most important issue in the election is housing. On the campaign trail, the two candidates have made clear that they want to solve the housing crisis. Feinstein has been working on the housing crisis for years, and in the past she has supported anti-speculation measures, which seek to curb the flow of money from the city’s wealthiest residents into the housing market. De León supports those measures and says that building more housing will help the city get its housing crisis under control. Although it isn’t an issue in the race, another point of contention is money. The two candidates are both wealthy; Feinstein’s family runs a real estate empire




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EaseUS Data Recovery 13.0 Crack License Code Free Download 2020 [Latest Version]

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